May. 16th, 2011

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Right. Intro post.


Wurbling about myself restrained behind the cut )

The idea for this community came about because I believe there are too many divisions among writers. We share so much of our world-view (hey, we consider it normal that there are little people in our heads, dictating things and making demands…), yet it’s hard to actually find writers’ groups that promote free, frank discussion that’s genuinely helpful.

Let’s try to redress that. Treat this comm as somewhere to share as much or as little as you like, and talk about the trials, tribulations and other things starting with 't' that you face as a writer. Got a tip or resource to share? Great! Want some help or advice? Throw it open for discussion. Once we're settled in, I'm hoping some of us will even feel brave enough to offer up some work for critique or workshopping. Hey, it might end up being fun.

Obviously, it's still early days. The plastic wrap is still on the furniture, but hopefully we can make something out of the place. Any suggestions, requests, etc. re: layout, tags, anything else, gimme a shout. Also, if anyone fancies taking on modship, please wave. I live behind my keyboard, except for the times I fall off the end of the world and have bad CFS spells (aka M.E., or 'yuppie flu'), when I'm not around for a few days, at which point it would be useful to have someone else to make sure nothing explodes in a big fiery ball visible from space.

Okay... your turn!


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The Writers' Lounge is a friendly, informal chat, crit, discussion and resources group.

Have questions or want to discuss something? Fire away! Want some feedback on a piece of writing you're working on? Post it! Stuck with research, or found a fabulously useful resource others might benefit from? Step up and share!

We expect a level of maturity in our members, but we're open to all genres and levels of experience. Read full details on the comm profile or, if you need help, contact your friendly mods, [personal profile] intothewood and [personal profile] analect.

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