May. 31st, 2011

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*Waves* I'm Jocie and I'm glad I just happened upon this community. Through a friend, I found DW and just a few days ago. Just now I decided to explore the site a bit so I did: Explore: Random Journal, which led me to find Analect's journal. While skimming it I found writerslounge as it was mentioned in her post.

I' m very glad for where the randomness led me! I truly love writing. I want to make it a serious part of my life and I think it's great finding people, places, communities and so forth that have the same love of writing and encourage one another.

So I hope I can be of help if anyone needs it and I know I sure will need it a lot.

Looking forward to new friends.


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The Writers' Lounge is a friendly, informal chat, crit, discussion and resources group.

Have questions or want to discuss something? Fire away! Want some feedback on a piece of writing you're working on? Post it! Stuck with research, or found a fabulously useful resource others might benefit from? Step up and share!

We expect a level of maturity in our members, but we're open to all genres and levels of experience. Read full details on the comm profile or, if you need help, contact your friendly mods, [personal profile] intothewood and [personal profile] analect.

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