Jul. 18th, 2011

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Hey guys! I noticed this place had been a bit quiet and I was starting to feel isolated so I thought I'd post a topic. ;_;

So! A newspaper in my country is having a short story competition. I've never entered a writing competition before and I'm quite excited. Apparently we're allowed to submit a number of stories, and the length maximum is 3000 words. (They didn't give us a minimum, which was interesting to me.) The prize is $5000 and some book vouchers, although as quite a shy person in "real life" I'm not quite as keen on the awards ceremony or my picture in the paper. Lord.

Anyway, I wanted to ask whether anyone had ever entered a short story competition, and if so, did you win? How did the competition work, and how did you pick the story/ies you wanted to enter?


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