Aug. 23rd, 2011

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Do writing prompts like these interest you?
Undulate: Freckles have been banned and the government controls non-compostable dinnerware.

Drag: Teenagers have been banned and the government controls fireworks.

Tweak: Oranges have been banned and the government controls lawn chairs.

Then you are in luck, because [community profile] governmentcontrolledcats is a YA Dystopian Future Original Flashfiction Challenge. Six rounds! Three winners per round! Culminates in one death match between six rounds of winning entries!

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Anyone can participate by writing entries or reading entries or commenting on entries or voting on entries or some combination of all four. Round 4: The Night of the Lawn Chairs is currently going on, and there's still time to enter! Check out the entry post and see what prompts await. Round 4's entries are due by August 25th at 11:59PM EST.

If that's too soon for you, come on by for Round 5, which starts on September 1st! We'd love to see you there!

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(Thank you to [personal profile] analect for letting me do some cross-community promotion!)
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I should've posted this earlier, it's a link to an LJ post in the boy_touching (didn't like my html) comm to request a story called King of Cats. I've read it, it's good. Check it out.

I'm trying to lure the author (Blake) over here, we'll see if she responds to feedback.
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Afternoon all! *beats back tumbleweeds and tears down the cobwebs*

So, this is what I meant when I said it would be handy if someone else could co-moderate/cheerlead this comm, on account of how I go off-grid from time to time due to health issues. (And other things, but they're all very boring, so I won't drone on ;) )

Long story short: I'm back, and hopefully we can get things moving again around here. Massive and sticky thank yous to those who have kept posting and commenting while I've been dead not terribly with it. This will happen again at some point so - I'll say it once more - anyone who would like to take on a mod position, please shout. You won't have to do anything awful. So far (touch wood) we've avoided spam plagues, trolls, drama llamas and the other darknesses of teh internetz, so it's really not onerous.

Right. Now, who brought cookies?


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