Oct. 18th, 2011

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So, I found this comm via [personal profile] smw and thought it to be an absolutely wonderful idea. I love surrounding myself with writerly types and the chance to read people's work and have my own work read is quite pleasing indeed

before I start shoving things at you though, I thought I would offer up an introduction.

Hello, hello! My name's Charley, I'm twenty one, genderqueer and have been telling stories in some way, shape or form for most of my life. I write fantasy/supernatural type things mostly. I love playing with angels and faeries and especially personifying emotions and ideas like love and the seasons of the year.

I am planning to do NaNoWriMo this year with my story Roadtrip of the Damned. It takes place in a larger universe that I am currently calling Take Back The City. Roadtrip will be done at [personal profile] roadtripofthedamned and Cityverse stuff can all be found at [community profile] inthecitylights

In my journal there is a list of journals for various writing projects that I have going. Most of them do not have actual writing in them yet because I am in the process of getting them updated but hopefully they will have stuff soon. I am also planning to do bits and pieces of writing for them when I need a break from Roadtrip during November.

(Yes, I am one of those weirdos who takes a break from writing by writing other things).

As for things I've written recently, I'll leave you with two pieces that I wrote for the Crowdfuning Creative Jam that is going on right now. Wicked Girls Saving Ourselves and Breaking Down

It should be noted that the second piece is dark in it's way and may be disturbing to some.

Anyway, I think that's enough babbling from me. I hope to enjoy your compnay and you should feel free to add me or any of my writing journals at your leasure.


Oct. 18th, 2011 11:47 pm
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I'm also here by way of [personal profile] smw. I've been looking for a good, casual writing community around these parts for awhile now that's not fanfiction (I have no problem with fanfic! But I only rarely read/write it) or critique group. I love to talk shop, and support/encourage, but having disabilities that have cognitive impact, I haven't as much time for critiquing as I would like, plus for my own work I have a lot of folk who help me out there already. :)

So! About moi.

I am a polyamorous pansexual kinky pagan disabled childfree feminist goth geek writer chick living in the Seattle area with my husband, boyfriend, six cats, and one snake. I write primarily fantasy, although I have dabbled in other genres. Pretty much everything I write has some fantastic element or another.

I recently finished an urban fantasy with queer characters in almost all the leading roles; the only one who wasn't queer in some way was the antagonist, actually. I love the book, but it needs a lot of editing, which I'm setting aside until after Nano.

For Nano, I'm finally going to write an idea I've had for ten years. My protagonist is a young woman, abused by her family, who ends up committing suicide. In her post-apocalyptic magical world, suicide is illegal, and so she is raised as a zombie to carry out her sentence. In prison, she meets the love of her life, a black woman busted for drugs. It's a different kind of story than the "must save the world" plots you see all the time; it's about their lives and how they find each other and how they continue their lives after getting out of prison. With zombies. It should be fun! :)

So, um, I think that's enough of an introduction. Nice to meet you all! :)


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