Oct. 20th, 2011

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So! [personal profile] analect suggested a while ago that I post here about my Garden of Prose call for prompts and how I organize my fiction. Now that I have revamped part of my tag system I will do that.

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You can add me to the "found this community via [personal profile] smw" list; she was generous enough to introduce my writing on here recently, so I figured I could be less a hermit and try socializing with writers beyond the two or three I've known for years. I look forward to sharing in everything this community is about.

So, about me. I'm a gender queer, pansexual vegan who is sick as a dog and crazy as a loon (and sometimes naked as a jaybird); this is my light-hearted way of saying that like some of our other members, I suffer from chronic health conditions and mental illness. I live in Alabama with my husband and enough animals to make the producers of show Hoarders stiff in the groin - except, of course, they're all extremely well cared for. ;) You may occasionally see pictures of some of these critters on my journal when I need filler on account of writer's block.

You, however, are here to talk about writing, so more importantly, this is what I do: I write primarily fiction save for when I am doing informative/instructional writing. I believe my work would count as the sci-fi/fantasy genre, though I generally keep things pretty grounded in the sense of "no epic quests, no glorious battles, no dwarves with battle axes." I'm a little bummed about that last bit.

What my fiction DOES involve is this: my primary world and series (Raze) is about preternatural beings surviving as marginalized minorities in an alternate version of the world as we know it today. Virtually all of the themes for the seven volumes started to date parallel real-life social and ethical issues, ranging from blood sports to domestic violence. The series starts with the pretty standard fare of werewolves, but as it progresses picks up a pretty colorful cast including everything from vivisected PTSD-suffering harpies to gun-toting lesbian gargoyles.

Most of what you see on my journal will be from the Raze series - including a large amount of hidden content that you can access by request. However, I do dabble in other fiction, including short stories and other longer/novel projects. I am hoping to embark on a novel idea I've had kicking around my skull for a while for NaNoWriMo that occurs in the Raze 'verse but follows a pride of Tutsi werelions during the Rwandan genocide.

I feel like I've done enough wind-bagging about myself now. If there's anything else you want to know, just ask. Looking forward to reading some of YOUR work!
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Hi there, everyone! I'm new here. I just recently came across this community whilst searching for discussion groups about writing. I really adore the idea of opening up a dialogue with other writers. Though I don't have any original fiction posted online at the moment, I DO use my DW journal to talk about the different ideas/concepts behind the things that I write.

I recently posted a writing meme there and, if it's alright with you all (don't know if this is allowed), I'd be really interested to read some other writer's answers to it (and post mine as well).

It's an uber short one, just five questions, and it goes:

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meme me

Oct. 20th, 2011 02:29 pm
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Very cool to see so many new people in the comm! I’m stealing Callainlove’s meme, I thought it was a great way to introduce herself and her interests, and I hope others will choose to do it, too.

I’m going to put this under a cut, since I tend to ramble.

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Since we seem to be doing these as fun intoductions, I deleted my comment on the initial post and shall post it here instead!

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Sure, I'll bite.

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It has been a while since I have written an introduction. If it seems a bit choppy or strange, I apologize in advance. It certainly is not intentional. I have been writing online both here on Dreamwidth and Livejournal and another site for a while now. I tend to write in multiple genres from historical fiction set in Egypt to fantasy as well as action / thrillers as well as steampunk and even Westerns. I don't really care for Westerns, personally, but it was fun at the time.
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