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The Writers' Lounge

A chat, crit, workshop, and support group for writers of original fiction.

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Name:The Writers' Lounge
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Community description:Informal chat, crit, workshop and support group for writers of original fiction.


The Writers' Lounge is an informal chat, critique, workshop, and support group for writers of original fiction, open to all genres.

Want to brainstorm some ideas, or ask for help or advice on a knotty writing problem? Maybe you'd like to share a useful resource, get some honest feedback on your work, or discuss ongoing projects with like-minded people. Or just vent about that manuscript that won't play ball. This is intended to be a friendly, comfortable place to do any - or all - of that.

Posting Guidelines

The assumption is that we're all mature adults here, or at least capable of passing ourselves off as such, so there shouldn't be a need to post a plethora of rules. Briefly: no spamming, flaming or general asshattery. Fiction is subjective, and opinions are like bottoms: everyone has them, and it's polite to wait until you're asked before you show yours, and then make sure it's clean.

Critiques & Workshops

When posting fiction for critique or workshopping, please make sure to mark/warn for anything NSFW or potentially offensive (smut, gore... whatever). This comm is set to viewer discretion by default, but it helps to flag your content so that anyone of a sensitive disposition isn't permanently scarred surprised.

Equally, when commenting on work posted for crit - or, in fact, commenting at all - politeness costs nothing. While solid, constructive criticism is more valuable to writers than generic back-slapping, unpleasantness will not be tolerated.

Cut tags are very useful things for hiding potentially offensive material, and also for keeping the general length of posts on the front page down. Just saying.


Got a new title coming out? An event, chat, signing or other exciting thing? Promote it here. Should you desire, help other people out by pimping their promo goodies on your own social networks, blogs, whatever... if that's your thing. BUT... please mark and tag all promotional posts as promo, and use them sparingly. Sparingly, yes?

Everything Else

Can't think of anything else right now. It's all common sense, isn't it? Any questions, problems, etc., contact your friendly moddettes [personal profile] analect and [personal profile] intothewood.
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