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Hey everyone!

My name is Brooke. I just joined Dreamwidth so that I can post my writings. I mostly do fanfiction (pysch and ncis), but I'm starting to get into original fiction, slowly. I didn't use to write a lot, because I was told I was not good at it. But after starting college, I had an awesome professor who said "I have a lot of potential" and worked with me a lot, sometimes one on one. Since that class I love to write, and he says I'm really good at it. So, I hope you all agree.

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You can add me to the "found this community via [personal profile] smw" list; she was generous enough to introduce my writing on here recently, so I figured I could be less a hermit and try socializing with writers beyond the two or three I've known for years. I look forward to sharing in everything this community is about.

So, about me. I'm a gender queer, pansexual vegan who is sick as a dog and crazy as a loon (and sometimes naked as a jaybird); this is my light-hearted way of saying that like some of our other members, I suffer from chronic health conditions and mental illness. I live in Alabama with my husband and enough animals to make the producers of show Hoarders stiff in the groin - except, of course, they're all extremely well cared for. ;) You may occasionally see pictures of some of these critters on my journal when I need filler on account of writer's block.

You, however, are here to talk about writing, so more importantly, this is what I do: I write primarily fiction save for when I am doing informative/instructional writing. I believe my work would count as the sci-fi/fantasy genre, though I generally keep things pretty grounded in the sense of "no epic quests, no glorious battles, no dwarves with battle axes." I'm a little bummed about that last bit.

What my fiction DOES involve is this: my primary world and series (Raze) is about preternatural beings surviving as marginalized minorities in an alternate version of the world as we know it today. Virtually all of the themes for the seven volumes started to date parallel real-life social and ethical issues, ranging from blood sports to domestic violence. The series starts with the pretty standard fare of werewolves, but as it progresses picks up a pretty colorful cast including everything from vivisected PTSD-suffering harpies to gun-toting lesbian gargoyles.

Most of what you see on my journal will be from the Raze series - including a large amount of hidden content that you can access by request. However, I do dabble in other fiction, including short stories and other longer/novel projects. I am hoping to embark on a novel idea I've had kicking around my skull for a while for NaNoWriMo that occurs in the Raze 'verse but follows a pride of Tutsi werelions during the Rwandan genocide.

I feel like I've done enough wind-bagging about myself now. If there's anything else you want to know, just ask. Looking forward to reading some of YOUR work!


Oct. 18th, 2011 11:47 pm
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I'm also here by way of [personal profile] smw. I've been looking for a good, casual writing community around these parts for awhile now that's not fanfiction (I have no problem with fanfic! But I only rarely read/write it) or critique group. I love to talk shop, and support/encourage, but having disabilities that have cognitive impact, I haven't as much time for critiquing as I would like, plus for my own work I have a lot of folk who help me out there already. :)

So! About moi.

I am a polyamorous pansexual kinky pagan disabled childfree feminist goth geek writer chick living in the Seattle area with my husband, boyfriend, six cats, and one snake. I write primarily fantasy, although I have dabbled in other genres. Pretty much everything I write has some fantastic element or another.

I recently finished an urban fantasy with queer characters in almost all the leading roles; the only one who wasn't queer in some way was the antagonist, actually. I love the book, but it needs a lot of editing, which I'm setting aside until after Nano.

For Nano, I'm finally going to write an idea I've had for ten years. My protagonist is a young woman, abused by her family, who ends up committing suicide. In her post-apocalyptic magical world, suicide is illegal, and so she is raised as a zombie to carry out her sentence. In prison, she meets the love of her life, a black woman busted for drugs. It's a different kind of story than the "must save the world" plots you see all the time; it's about their lives and how they find each other and how they continue their lives after getting out of prison. With zombies. It should be fun! :)

So, um, I think that's enough of an introduction. Nice to meet you all! :)
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I actually joined Dreamwidth to have a place to keep a writing record. That is to say, a place to procrastinate a little and to nag myself to write. I'm actually very new here, so please do bear with me. I am very glad to find this group, (and also quite glad that it's a new one... because I'd feel a bit shy coming into a long-established group, I think). This is exactly what I am looking for. So, thank you for making it.

I scribble the odd short story (some of which might appear on my dw) and the odd poem, and I'm working on finishing a novel. Most of the first draft has been finished, and I'm going through and editing right now, although the entire end of it needs to be rewritten and another 20k or so words tacked onto the end. So there's a lot of work yet to do. I hadn't anticipated editing would be quite so difficult. On paper, it's just reading and correcting as you go. For some reason it takes a lot of mental effort. Explaining that it's more difficult than it seems does not go down well with family.
More me under cut. )

So, there it is! I am pleased to be here and shall be pleased to get to know you all. Do stop by my journal for more info on me.
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Right. Intro post.


Wurbling about myself restrained behind the cut )

The idea for this community came about because I believe there are too many divisions among writers. We share so much of our world-view (hey, we consider it normal that there are little people in our heads, dictating things and making demands…), yet it’s hard to actually find writers’ groups that promote free, frank discussion that’s genuinely helpful.

Let’s try to redress that. Treat this comm as somewhere to share as much or as little as you like, and talk about the trials, tribulations and other things starting with 't' that you face as a writer. Got a tip or resource to share? Great! Want some help or advice? Throw it open for discussion. Once we're settled in, I'm hoping some of us will even feel brave enough to offer up some work for critique or workshopping. Hey, it might end up being fun.

Obviously, it's still early days. The plastic wrap is still on the furniture, but hopefully we can make something out of the place. Any suggestions, requests, etc. re: layout, tags, anything else, gimme a shout. Also, if anyone fancies taking on modship, please wave. I live behind my keyboard, except for the times I fall off the end of the world and have bad CFS spells (aka M.E., or 'yuppie flu'), when I'm not around for a few days, at which point it would be useful to have someone else to make sure nothing explodes in a big fiery ball visible from space.

Okay... your turn!


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