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I want a go, mememe!


1) Why Do You Write?
Because if I don’t, then the story continues to live and grow in my head as an ongoing daydream.  It eventually goes stale and revolves around and around an endless loop, whereas if I write it down it progresses and goes to new places.

2) What Sort Of Things Inspire You?
I’m interested in the big picture, the blue sky idea.  I like people and politics.  I’m not sure the two are divisible.  I’m jazzed by how people affect others, by how they create each other’s future in all the little ways they interact.   Any aspect of these that I come across may trigger something new.

3) When/Where Do You Write Best?
On my pc, preferably with no-one in the room.  Computer games, particularly MMO’s, are the bane of my writing life and I may have to find a new writing location in order to avoid them

4) What Concepts Are You Constantly Trying To Communicate?
Personal growth and development. Personal responsibility.  The impact of other on self, and self on the world.

5) Do You Find There Are Any Recurring Thematic Elements In Your Work?
Hmm, I can’t easily unravel (4) and (5) in order to answer this.  Does this mean I don’t understand the difference between themes and concepts as a writer?  Am I missing something important?

I’ll make the attempt though:

I have a tendency to write like a role-player, not like an author, so everything I write is character-led.  They rule the roost, not me.  That’s definitely recurring, whether or not it may be classed as a theme.



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