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Hi guys! I'm currently working on a novel that has been a work in progress in my mind for years, but has just started writing itself this past November during NaNoWriMo. I've created a LiveJournal community for my creative work, and I've posted the first scene from my novel there, and I was hoping some of you would be willing to maybe check it out and let me know what you think. It's a closed community, so no one can actually become a member, but you can watch it to keep up with updates, and I have it set up so that anyone can comment. It's at [livejournal.com profile] colored_bleu.

Introduction to Colored Blue: "Colored Blue" is kind of my writing pen name. I run a blog about living with mental illnesses, and this novel is something that kind of goes along with it. It's generally a YA novel, I suppose, that's the audience I'm kind of focusing on. It's a dysfunctional-type thing.

Thanks so much in advance to those of you who have time! :)

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Hello all!

Firstly, the comm is not dead, though it has seemed like it for a while. Your friendly mods have both had a difficult few months, so no one has really been around to keep things turning over.

I plan to start instituting more community based things here - some prompts, discussions etc. - but, due to continuing issues, [personal profile] intothewood and I could really, really use another couple of mods to help keep things going. Any of you who actually do actively partake in prompts etc. already, and think you can spare time to help out, would be most welcome. So, y'know... either leave a comment here, or drop me a PM. Thank you!

Secondly, I have a slightly belated submissions call to pass along:

The third annual Bloody Parchment Short Story Competition is now open, and running until the (very apt) closing date of OCTOBER 31ST.

There is no entry fee, and judges are seeking stories across a broad spectrum within the theme of Halloween, horror, urban fantasy or dark fantasy. Yes, weird fiction abounds! Entries must not exceed 3,500 words, and must be both complete (not extracts of longer works) and previously unpublished. Full guidelines are available here and there are additional guidelines on how not to irritate the judges here. *grin*

To give you some examples of former winners, the first Bloody Parchment anthology is also currently available for FREE download via Goodreads.

First prize of this year's competition includes one round of free professional edits on a novella or novel-length work, and the top thirteen finalists will also be published in an anthology to be released in anticipation of the 2013 SA Horrorfest, which brings me to the exciting part.

Bloody Parchment, in their capacity as the literary arm of the annual SA Horrorfest, are very excited to welcome eKhaya, the digital imprint of Random House Struik, onboard the annual competition. The anthology comprising last year's finalists - Bloody Parchment: Hidden Thing, Lost Things, and other stories - is out now, published by eKhaya/Random House, and obviously it's quite a coup for Horrorfest to have one of the Big Six involved. This bodes well for the future!

Submissions need to go to [nerinedorman] [AT] [gmail] [DOT] [com] as .doc or .rtf attachments, and please do familiarise yourselves with the guidelines before submitting.

You can find more on the SA Horrorfest at:

Please do feel free to forward this to anyone you think may be interested in entering!
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This is a fun interview with Henry Miller. As some of you know, I’m crazy about his writing. The writer is awe inspiring, but I’ve had some problems with the person. Quite frankly, he’s a dick. But as I found out in this video, he’s a charming dick.

It’s shot almost entirely in his bathroom, where he has hundreds of pictures, postcards and other things displayed on his walls. He’s talking about these images, and it reveals a lot about him as well.

One of the best things I discovered was his admiration of another author, Blaise Cendrars. He said he’d most like to write like him. I’d never heard of Cendrars, so I looked him up and found several things, including a prose poem, Trans-Siberian. I can see how this man’s style had a big influence on Miller.

I’m thrilled with this. When I read something truly inspiring, I always assume that the author’s style is completely unique, born out of their genius. It’s daunting. I find it very comforting to know that everyone is inspired by someone else. Sounds obvious, but when you’re choking on Shakespeare it’s hard to remember that Wm. was influenced by… someone. I dunno, maybe Christopher Marlowe.

So, here’s my question: what writers, painters, musicians and other artists inspire you?

Aside from Henry Miller (I love his rambling, flowing prose and the way he can take very base subjects and make them beautiful) these others have an influence on my own writing:

Edith Wharton – adore her clean, precise prose. Something I aspire to, will probs never reach.
James Joyce, Jean Paul Sartre – two more insidious wanderers who play with prose so wonderfully.
Van Gogh – I love the thick slaps of paint he applied, it almost makes his paintings stand out in relief. His style is very bold and in-your-face, but refinement is definitely there in the details.
Picasso – all those distorted swirls and angles are like painted stream of consciousness.

As for music, there’s so much, I can’t begin to name everything. Basically, music is the mood in what I’m writing, and of course the mood changes. But if I were to choose just one band, It’d be The Cure, and their album, Faith. That’s my youth, all angst and lament. It calls to the little goth inside who is still my muse.

Come on, share your stylistic inspirations!
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Howdy all!

First off, let me apologise for not being around since, like, ever. I am a flake. I suck. However, the comm clearly does not need me to function, which is a very good thing, and I’d just like to say hello and thank you (as appropriate) to those of you joining, posting, and generally keeping things moving around here.

Anyway, I’d like to pose a question about endings. I don’t know about you, but I think they are one of the things I find most difficult to write.

For me, it’s the multiple issues of a) needing to tie up loose ends in terms of plot, character, and thematic or other floating things, b) finding a mechanism or moment in the story at which the ending actually sits naturally, and c) like a fastidious painter with a bad eye for colour, truly knowing when to stop, put down the brush pen keyboard, and step away.

Of course, added to this, endings come in many different forms. There are neat ones, dangling ones, ambiguous ones, signposted ones… and ones that leave the reader wondering what on earth just happened.

I’d like to know what, in your view, makes a successful ending. Whether it’s happy, sad, conclusive or inconclusive, what do you think the key components are? And how do you all go about constructing and refining your endings?

I admit, there is an ulterior motive here, in that I want/need to rewrite the end of a book and I don’t know wtf I’m doing with it.

If anyone would like to workshop/read/comment/generally peruse the specific bits in question, I’m posting them on my journal, access list only, because of contractual things. So, add me to your circle to read, then feel free to point and laugh. *grin*

I would be eternally grateful for any suggestions on my own bit of messed-up ending, but I’m interested in other people’s thoughts on the subject generally, too.

Discuss. ;D

Link to my journal post: http://analect.dreamwidth.org/42292.html


Apr. 7th, 2012 10:39 am
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Hey everyone!

My name is Brooke. I just joined Dreamwidth so that I can post my writings. I mostly do fanfiction (pysch and ncis), but I'm starting to get into original fiction, slowly. I didn't use to write a lot, because I was told I was not good at it. But after starting college, I had an awesome professor who said "I have a lot of potential" and worked with me a lot, sometimes one on one. Since that class I love to write, and he says I'm really good at it. So, I hope you all agree.

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I’d like to talk about motivation, what prompts it, what knocks it down. At the moment, I have two primary projects – the sequel to my first novel and a sprawling project by the name of To Love the Sky that I’ve had brewing for years upon years. While the sequel has a great deal going for it – sorceress main character! curses! madness! my stoical badass favorite woman I’ve ever written! – it’s the sprawler that’s getting my attention. Part of this is due to a name change in the first volume of the duology (it used to be Barter and is now Sea Change, which means it doesn’t match with Palter, the sequel’s), but it’s also tied to the fact that I have made the decision to post TLtS online for a small audience. That means people exist who I’m storytelling to, and that is far more pleasant than the possible money-making venture and source of wider readership that is Palter.

So, y’all: what gets your enthusiasm for a project revved? What shuts down the creative engine?
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Ok, just a little post wondering how other people come up with ideas for stories/arcs etc... I seem to be a little bit random, and depending on my mood at the time, then odd collections of words or objects/people that I see, start to get incorporated into a statement, which then gets expanded into a story...or the beginning of one. I am trying to be good and focus on writing one thing at a time, at least until I run out of inspiration at a given moment and need to focus on something else...

So basically I don't follow any set plot planning - one day i might try, but for now, I use whatever random concepts come to mind (very random at times....pink ferret in an egg...??)
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For anyone who happens to be passing by at this time of various green and tinselly decorations...I hope you are having a really great time that's recharging your creativity :)

Now...off to finish a card and find some Rum & Ginger ale...Thanks for that Analect...!!

Best wishes to all!!
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Apologies if this is a double post..?!

Hello! Persuaded to come and learn here by http://analect.dreamwidth.org/ - so blame her if I write anything wierd that I attempt to pass off as coherant and readable, or wossnames forbid, literature!

So basically I'm pretty shy and love hiding in my corner of the internet until you get to know me better. I am a total flirt most of the time which gets as confusing for me as it does for everyone else ;)

By training I'm a biologist, by practice a photographer, of wild things, includng people, sometimes, if they sit still long enough (and apparently Moscow Mules are good as bribery to maintain poses I recently discovered...!). I collect antiques, esp oil lamps and random musical instruments that I can't play but which I will, one day, repair... I like animals of any sort and like to find places that make me feel comfortable - often secluded twisted woodland or old libraries with interesting carvings and niches to tuck oneself away in.

If you want to know something then please do ask, I apologise if I'm not as active here as I could be, as the meme (following hopefully, unless I mess it up...) might show, I do write, but am very much a basic writer in that sense of the word. I have a good imagination but sometimes lack enough words to explain it how I want to...

1) Why Do You Write?
I write (now) because the stories are forming in my head. I'd like to see them coalesce into something thats fun and readable for other people...eventually. It gives me a sense of freedom to be able to write and allows me to explore anything and everything that occurs to me!

2) What Sort Of Things Inspire You?
As I said, everything and anything, I can take random collections of words/topics and squidge them into a sentance/idea/visualisation and then write from there...I just let the story flow...then hope it makes sense!

When/Where Do You Write Best?
As someone else on here said I think, when it's least appropriate to do so, much to my frustration! When I get chance to choose, then I like to find somewhere comfortable, often traditional in terms of being somewhere old and warm and smelling like it has some age (yeah, I REALLY need to work on my descriptiveness...). Writing often happens on my little netbook on account that it's neat and has a long battery life, needed to get me used to the diminuitive keyboard each time I try! Cups of tea and plates of biscuits/snacks also help until I click into some routine where I just keep writing until people need me, which is always far too soon!

4) What Concepts Are You Constantly Trying To Communicate?
Concepts? Not really got that far as such, I try to tell the story, so whatever the story needs in order to work, that is what I try to communicate. I suppose I could try to base a story around a concept or ideal or moral, but really, if I'm honest, I want to tell the story more than a moral. Probably, there are concepts or morals I try to get over, I am doing the writing so therefore guide bits of the story, but it has to feel right so what will come will come...

5) Do You Find There Are Any Recurring Thematic Elements In Your Work?
I'm really too new to know if this happens to me, I'm sure that fantasy and sci-fi of varying types will become very recurring, purely because I enjoy them.

Ok, that's it for now, I think...I do have a bad memory too so will undoubtably think of other things I meant to add here...possibly... :D
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Today when I was updating critique_circle's calls for submission list, it occurred to me that there might be people over here who are interested in short story anthology calls, contests, zines with specific themes and deadlines, etc... So I figured I'd toss up a link to our calls for submission list. You don't need to be a member of the group to see or use it. Feel free to share the link with anyone you like, and let me know if there's a cool call for submission out there that I've missed.

I tend to update it once or twice a month and it includes pretty much all genres from horror to sci-fi to romance & erotica. Pay rates go from token to royalty to pro. Lengths are from flash to novels. It does have a speculative fiction bent, because that's what I'm interested in, but there are a lot of really great opportunities out there.

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So not too long ago I read Steven King's book, On Writing. He's not an author I like per se, but I do admire his productivity. I've only read Misery, and did not enjoy. It's not my thing, but I have to admit the man is doing exactly what he wants and is wildly successful at it, so I'm willing to listen to what he has to say on the subject.

Turns out the book is worth the read. It starts out with many anecdotes about the things he felt led up to his life as an author, and then he gets down to business with a lot of good and practical advice for novice writers. For writers who are more comfortable with their chosen vice and know the tools of the trade, he offers insights on criticism and editing in the world of publishing, and the motivations that keep one going.

I recommend it as a pep talk from a very successful writer to all of us who are aspiring. It's nearly as beneficial as sitting down face to face with the man and for my money, that's a good investment.
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There is a tiny room in the back of my house that we haven't used in the better part of the just over a year and a half that we've lived here. It was full of old clothing from the previous owners, and as I learned today upon entering and immediately being swarmed by an army of tiny black bloodsucking pests, those clothes were home to enough fleas to drain a horse in about an hour. I just spent a good two hours getting eaten alive while destroying everything in said room and dousing the whole lot of it with bleach and pesticides and... being a writer, it made me think about writing.

Obviously any setting is important to your text. However, I have always felt that characters' homes really say a lot about them - just like our homes say a lot about us. For example, I find it bizzare that we have an unused room in this place, since the rest of it is so packed full of parrots, fish, reptiles, and one tiny, spoiled house chicken; I've been to other peoples' houses that look like home decorating magazines that make me feel uncomfortable because I'm pretty sure I'm messing the place up just by breathing.

So, tell me about your characters' homes and if they reflect anything meaningful about your character. Are there family photos on the walls? Is the place a stinking, filthy, ill-kept mess? Dusted and vacuumed and cleaned so often that it looks like no one lives there? Brightly lit? Dimly lit? What does it smell like? Will a dog jump on me when the door opens? How many locks are there, and are they often used? Is the yard maintained, embellished, or going wild? Talk to me, folks.

I'll give an example:
My main character lives in two locations through the course of the series, and the homes are a stark contrast to each other to reflect the changes he's undergone as a character.

When he lived with his fiance, the house was very homey indeed, full of photos and refridgerator magnets and dog toys and similar fare. Warm lighting, colorful decor, collected objects, tidy but still lived in, a fully stocked guest room, etc. They each have a desk piled with junk from work, but it doesn't spill over to any other part of the house. There's a vegetable garden out front, the lawn is mowed but not manicured, and the garage is a cluttered disaster of nonetheless well-used outdoors equipment. It speaks of a place where people really live, and are happy.

His second home has the bare minimum of furniture, drab colors, virtually no personalization - no photos, no little nick-nacks, no embelishments, etc. - a work desk, and an essentially empty spare room that he didn't bother setting up for guests because he has no expectation of company. His only photos are in a box in the closet. He has an old dog collar on his night table, but no dog. Though he is a bachelor, it has none of the characteristic "bachelor pad" amenities, and looks a bit like he recently moved in despite being there for five years.

This is highly deliberate, because in the first instance he has a rich and fulfilling life that friends, family, and his fiance are a significant part of. Later, he is isolated, lacks a sense of belonging, and so invested in only his work that the only place he's really personalized as "his" is his office. It also speaks to his emotional state; he really just doesn't care enough to even bother making his house 'his.'

Essentially, the houses are designed to be an extension of the character, and I do this with most any home-owning character in the series. How about you?
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Yes, I'm late with this, I know. I suck.

For those of you participating in NaNoWriMo this year, I'm sure you've already got a ton of community support (which is probably one of the best things about NaNo), but I thought we should add something in here.

So, if you would like to talk about your NaNo project, holler about word counts and stress, or you have any handy resources or tips to share, comment away, and we can add things to this post over the course of the month.

Think of it as a collaborative, community-driven effort. ;-)

Also, I don't do NaNo, so I don't really know what's going to be most beneficial for y'all unless you tell me. *cough*
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I’m going over my second book because it needs some fixing, and it’s definitely been awhile since I’ve read it through. But I’m in that state where I can’t really see anything for what it is.

Have you been there? One minute you look at something you’ve written and think ‘hey, that’s pretty good’ and the next minute you’re thinking ‘oh god that’s fucking awful!’ Or you get an obsession with, say, commas, and suddenly every fucking comma looks out of place. You’re reading unnaturally, halted by all the commas and the sentences don’t read like sentences any longer, they’re just a string of words separated by awkward commas!

I really need to do this, but I’m second guessing everything. Everything. The logical answer would be to put it aside, but I don’t wanna. Yes, I’ve turned into a stubborn four year-old who can’t read properly.

Stubborn four-year-old antics aside, have you had this happen and is there something you do to break from it? Because I really want to work on this today.
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It has been a while since I have written an introduction. If it seems a bit choppy or strange, I apologize in advance. It certainly is not intentional. I have been writing online both here on Dreamwidth and Livejournal and another site for a while now. I tend to write in multiple genres from historical fiction set in Egypt to fantasy as well as action / thrillers as well as steampunk and even Westerns. I don't really care for Westerns, personally, but it was fun at the time.
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Sure, I'll bite.

But Only under the Cut )

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Since we seem to be doing these as fun intoductions, I deleted my comment on the initial post and shall post it here instead!

Under a cut )

meme me

Oct. 20th, 2011 02:29 pm
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Very cool to see so many new people in the comm! I’m stealing Callainlove’s meme, I thought it was a great way to introduce herself and her interests, and I hope others will choose to do it, too.

I’m going to put this under a cut, since I tend to ramble.

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