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So not too long ago I read Steven King's book, On Writing. He's not an author I like per se, but I do admire his productivity. I've only read Misery, and did not enjoy. It's not my thing, but I have to admit the man is doing exactly what he wants and is wildly successful at it, so I'm willing to listen to what he has to say on the subject.

Turns out the book is worth the read. It starts out with many anecdotes about the things he felt led up to his life as an author, and then he gets down to business with a lot of good and practical advice for novice writers. For writers who are more comfortable with their chosen vice and know the tools of the trade, he offers insights on criticism and editing in the world of publishing, and the motivations that keep one going.

I recommend it as a pep talk from a very successful writer to all of us who are aspiring. It's nearly as beneficial as sitting down face to face with the man and for my money, that's a good investment.
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A list of useful, interesting, or otherwise noteworthy books for writers, with an emphasis on the craft and practice of writing. Got your own to add? Leap in!

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