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Look, I can blab some more!

1) Why Do You Write?
I think the answer to that lies somewhere between hobby and compulsion. Being less vague: I enjoy writing, and when I don't write, my mental health suffers. I figure having a coping mechanism that also serves as a pastime isn't too bad of a deal.

2) What Sort Of Things Inspire You?
Music, or moods elicited by music, are directly responsible for some of the scenes I've written. People will laugh to hear that one of my major story arcs happened because of a feeling I got while listing to "All Figured Out" by Bowling for Soup. It also helps for me to get out into the woods and run around for a bit. This overall helps clear my head and makes the world sharper and more focused - and in that state, I'm much more able to write.

When/Where Do You Write Best?
The "when" can be answered partially in the latter portion of the previous. I also tend to write more productively in the early morning (or whats some of you might call the late, late night), or mid-day. Nights, I'm usually too exhausted and burned out from working 10 hour days and spending several hours before and after that taking care of the business and menagerie.

Where? Anywhere away from home. My house is a toxic soul-sucking void when it comes to writing. I very rarely get any good writing done here. But the break room at work? A cafe? A book store? Someplace noisy and distracting and public? No problem.

4) What Concepts Are You Constantly Trying To Communicate?
I'm not sure I'm finding the difference between this and #5 entirely since I'm dead exhausted at the moment, but one thing I really try to communicate within my series is my characters through their narrative voices. I have one primary narrator and four secondary narrators, all first person perspectives. I want my readers to see a noticeable difference in these voices, how they perceive the world, and how it relates to who they are as a character.

5) Do You Find There Are Any Recurring Thematic Elements In Your Work?
I work with ethics, period. Virtually all of my writing is heavily focused around human and animal rights themes, and more broadly, social issues overall. In general, I'm not so much railing on one particular side of the equation - my main protag is very morally ambiguous - so much as communicating the general theme of, "these issues are real, they AREN'T cut and dry (and even when they are, who said they have easy fixes?), and they do affect people, profoundly."

Other things that pop up? See above: moral ambiguity. I am not a fan of good good guys or bad bad guys; real people are almost never that cut and dry. So yes, one of my "good" guys is a child-eating demon. And yes, one of my "bad guys" was a love-struck ex-military man screwed by his government and tortured in the hells of vivisection for years.

Finally, you'll find most of my work - at least any of it narrated by my primary narrator, Trent - is very heavily science-leaning. I pull a lot from anatomy, animal behavior, anthropology, chemistry, etc. to give my world a more convincing and organic feel (or such is my goal). You get to suffer through actual terminology and stupid trivia at times as well, thanks to Trent being a scientist by occupation and just as resolutely nerdy as I am.
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