May. 29th, 2011

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May. 29th, 2011 03:11 pm
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Hiya, I'm Karen and I've been writing for less than  year. Everything I've ever read or watched, every game I've ever played has triggered ideas in my mind, but I tried writing about 25 years ago and gave up in disgust after one page because my dialogue was so goddawful. Somewhere in the last 25 years of not practicing, I improved; so when the game Dragon Age got so far into my imagination that I couldn't resist any longer, I found that, actually, my writing's no longer so bad that it made me want to ritually sacrifice it at midnight and bury the remains on unhallowed ground.

One year and 300k words of fanfic later, I cautiously stuck my toe into the waters of original fiction and wrote an erotic short story.  Much to my astonishment it sold instantly to an online anthology.  Hopefully more to come soon!

I'm 46, married and I live in England. No kids; I cheerfully had myself removed from the genepool at the earliest opportunity. I've been a live-role-player for a good 15 years or more (hence the icon, that's me at an event), so character immersion comes quite naturally now.

I like to write complicated politics, character growth and smut.  Preferably non-het, non-vanilla smut.

So, that's me in a very small nutshell.  Nice to meetcha!   *waves to everyone*


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