Dec. 18th, 2011

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Apologies if this is a double post..?!

Hello! Persuaded to come and learn here by - so blame her if I write anything wierd that I attempt to pass off as coherant and readable, or wossnames forbid, literature!

So basically I'm pretty shy and love hiding in my corner of the internet until you get to know me better. I am a total flirt most of the time which gets as confusing for me as it does for everyone else ;)

By training I'm a biologist, by practice a photographer, of wild things, includng people, sometimes, if they sit still long enough (and apparently Moscow Mules are good as bribery to maintain poses I recently discovered...!). I collect antiques, esp oil lamps and random musical instruments that I can't play but which I will, one day, repair... I like animals of any sort and like to find places that make me feel comfortable - often secluded twisted woodland or old libraries with interesting carvings and niches to tuck oneself away in.

If you want to know something then please do ask, I apologise if I'm not as active here as I could be, as the meme (following hopefully, unless I mess it up...) might show, I do write, but am very much a basic writer in that sense of the word. I have a good imagination but sometimes lack enough words to explain it how I want to...

1) Why Do You Write?
I write (now) because the stories are forming in my head. I'd like to see them coalesce into something thats fun and readable for other people...eventually. It gives me a sense of freedom to be able to write and allows me to explore anything and everything that occurs to me!

2) What Sort Of Things Inspire You?
As I said, everything and anything, I can take random collections of words/topics and squidge them into a sentance/idea/visualisation and then write from there...I just let the story flow...then hope it makes sense!

When/Where Do You Write Best?
As someone else on here said I think, when it's least appropriate to do so, much to my frustration! When I get chance to choose, then I like to find somewhere comfortable, often traditional in terms of being somewhere old and warm and smelling like it has some age (yeah, I REALLY need to work on my descriptiveness...). Writing often happens on my little netbook on account that it's neat and has a long battery life, needed to get me used to the diminuitive keyboard each time I try! Cups of tea and plates of biscuits/snacks also help until I click into some routine where I just keep writing until people need me, which is always far too soon!

4) What Concepts Are You Constantly Trying To Communicate?
Concepts? Not really got that far as such, I try to tell the story, so whatever the story needs in order to work, that is what I try to communicate. I suppose I could try to base a story around a concept or ideal or moral, but really, if I'm honest, I want to tell the story more than a moral. Probably, there are concepts or morals I try to get over, I am doing the writing so therefore guide bits of the story, but it has to feel right so what will come will come...

5) Do You Find There Are Any Recurring Thematic Elements In Your Work?
I'm really too new to know if this happens to me, I'm sure that fantasy and sci-fi of varying types will become very recurring, purely because I enjoy them.

Ok, that's it for now, I think...I do have a bad memory too so will undoubtably think of other things I meant to add here...possibly... :D


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