Jun. 17th, 2011

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Thanks for all of your replies to my questions about reading within your genre and word counts. Seems like most of you keep track of counts on a professional level, to help you gage progress, story type and whether something should be reexamined for content - all good reasons.

I don't take a very professional approach with my own material, and I suppose that's a bit out of rebellion and a bit out of denial. I've written professionally for years under deadlines and word counts and slogging through content that I'd rather poke out my eyes than deal with, so I tend to go to the other extreme and ignore rules with my own stuff. That's something I'm trying to resolve.

More questions:
Do you write to meet the standards of the market, or do you just go with your heart and hope someone gives your work a chance?

How do you think the book industry fares in terms of accepting original material, and are changes to the market and how consumers are choosing their titles affecting that? Is it better or worse than the music and film industries, or on par?


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