Oct. 17th, 2011

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In the interest of networking and introducing my two very shy friends to the greater community of DW, I've written little summaries of their works and suggested reading for both of them. I believe networking among writers is an immensely important thing, and as such I'd like to expand those introductions beyond my journal and on to here.

First off: [personal profile] breezeshadow, who I introduce here, writes unconventional fantasy. She's got a distinct narrative voice and a great sense of humor.

Secondly: [personal profile] raze, who I introduce here, uses her vast knowledge of animal behavior, the harsh facts of life, and mythology to create a world that is both brutal and engrossing. Her depictions of therianthropes are by far the best I have ever encountered.

Would you care to introduce yourself or your favorite DW authors? Perhaps you could point us to your favorite of their (or your own) works. I'm always looking to broaden my reading circle and would certainly appreciate meeting fellow artists.


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